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Our Academics

The purpose of NEHS JROTC is to motivate young people to be better citizens by developing wellness, building character, and facilitating their graduation.  JROTC also satisfies Physical Education requirements by conducting physical education and teaching lifelong wellness.  NEHS JROTC develops physically fit and successful graduates with sound character and moral judgment through professional studies, leadership theory and application, disciplined training, community service, citizenship, and teamwork.   
UNIT 1 - Citizenship In Action

This unit helps develop new skills you can use in school and throughout your life. It engages you in the practice of basic citizenship customs and traditions,and in the exploration of opportunities for non-military and military national service. This introductory unit gives you a greater appreciation of American symbols, customs and traditions, and the history and purpose of Army JROTC.

UNIT 4- Wellness, Fitness, and First Aid

Unit 4 provides training for getting started on total fitness, split second emergencies, handling common emergencies, and lifesaving measures. There is also

training on substance abuse awareness, intervention, and prevention. By teaching

the value of physical exercise and conditioning, personal hygiene, and proper diet through the Cadet Challenge program, you’ll feel good about yourself —

both physically and mentally.

UNIT 2 - Leadership Theory

This unit teaches you about leadership—how to BE a leader, what you need to KNOW when you are influencing others, and what you DO when you are leading. You will learn about character and values, leadership theories and principles,and human behavior. Most important, this unit will help you build your relationships in your community service projects and your daily participation in school, work, and community

UNIT 5- Geography, Map Skills and Environmental Awareness

This unit helps cadets develop a global perspective and awareness of environ-

mental issues by engaging you in interactive activities that explore the use of maps, map reading, and the sport of orienteering (an outdoor sport using maps to find one’s way)

UNIT 3- Foundations for Success

Unit 3 is designed to provide young cadets with hands-on experiential learning activities that will build self-awareness, essential life skills, and the ability to set and achieve goals. Content areas include communication, diversity, study skills, conflict resolution, decision-making, and service learning.

UNIT 6- Citizenship in History and Government

Unit 6 builds the basic skills and interest for participation in civic and political life. You will actively engage in the We The People curriculum to explore the origins, structure, rights, and responsibilities of the American constitutional government. This unit also introduces you to the You the People process and its Citizenship Skills.

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